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 IROS 2012 - IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems


October 7-11, 2012

Vilamoura, Algarve [Portugal]

Celebrating 25 Years of IROS 



ROBOCOMP 2011 - 2nd Int. Robotics Competition 2011

Doctor Jorge Dias was an Invited Speaker as IEEE RAS Distinguished Lecture at the 2nd Int. Robotics Competition 2011 - ROBOCOMP 2011, that took place in Laico Hotel, Hammamet – Tunisia, from 18-20 December 2011, with a plenary talk on “Multi-Sensing Artificial Perception A Probabilistic Approaches for Robotic Perception.

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 SPR Awards

To all registered members of  “Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica” (SPR),
This is a reminder that SPR annually grants the following awards:

   - Award for the best  national PhD Thesis in Robotics (to members and non members)
   - Award for the best  national MSc Thesis in Robotics (to members and non members)

It is also annually awarded by SPR a grant for expenses in mobility in Portugal to doctorate students that are registered members of SPR and that develop I&D research  in Robotics and similar, as a stimulus to the collaboration between national I&D institutions and the promotion of relevant research work.

The application submission deadline is 31 January of 2012.

The submission rules can be checked here:



11th International Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions

 The 11th International Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions is an international scientific meeting in the field of Mobile Robotics technically co-sponsored by the IEEE and sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), through its Portuguese Chapter. It will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 6, 2011, in conjunction with the 11th Portuguese Robotics Open, a RoboCup Local Event. Its scope encompasses, but is not limited to, the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Education.

Registration fee: 100 euros before March 15, 150 Euros after March 15.

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Workshop on Robotics for Environmental Monitoring

IROS2010 Workshop 

 Homepage:  www.isr.uc.pt/WREM2010 

 The workshop will be held on the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2010) in Taipei, Taiwan, 22nd of October 2010.

On the Way to Intelligent Sustainable Mobility 

13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 

 Madeira Island, Portugal, 19 – 22 September 2010

 Homepage:  http://itsc2010.isr.uc.pt

 The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) is sponsoring its 13th annual international conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This conference is one of a few premier conferences focusing on research and applications of leading advances in communications, computer, control, and electronics technologies related to ITS. It is an international forum that brings together professionals from the fields of traffic engineering, information technology, automotive engineering, as well as many other ITS-related fields.


Seminar on Intelligent Vehicles and ITS

Date: 24 MAY 2010
Time: 11h00 - 11h45 am
Local: Anfiteatro do ISR (DEEC-UC)
Speaker: Professor Miguel Ángel Sotelo, University of Alcalá, Spain

 Speaker Homepagehttp://www.robesafe.com/personal/sotelo

TITLE: Intelligent Vehicles and ITS Development Activities at RobeSafe Research Group

 The Robotics and eSafety (RobeSafe) Research group actively 
co-operates with public and private partners from industrial sectors 
in the field of Sensors and Perception applied to Intelligent 
Transportation Systems and Robotics. Its expertise in these fields has 
greatly consolidated during the last years throughout the development 
of more than 30 technological projects. The RobeSafe group is also 
involved in research activities in the topics of Intelligent Control, 
Assistance for Disabled People, and Autonomous Vehicle Guidance. Some 
of these research activities are realised in co-operation with both 
national and international partners from Europe, Australia, Asia, and 
Latin- America.



Conference @ ISR Coimbra

Nanorobotics Conference by Prof. Ari Requicha

14 April, 2010 

This talk will address nanorobotics, an emerging area within nanotechnology. We will attempt to answer the
fundamental questions of Why?, What?, and How? for this new field. We will discuss automatic manipulation of
molecular-sized objects; sensors, actuators and other components and systems for nanorobots; and coordination and
programming of swarms of nanorobots. The image of the current state of nanorobotics that will emerge from this
survey is that of a highly interdisciplinary, vibrant, and rapidly evolving and growing field with remarkable future
potential, but also with major challenges ahead.

 Conference Program




It's our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 9th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control – CONTROLO’2010, to be held in Coimbra, from 8 to 10 September 2010.

This event is organized in cooperation with APCA and the School of Sciences and Engineering of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC). APCA is the Portuguese Association of Automatic Control, which is a national member organization of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

The event is also organized in close cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Research Center of the University of Coimbra (CEMUC), which activity in automation and robotics is well known.




IEEE Workshop 2010 - Workshop on “Move from Research to Business”


Check out IEEE Workshop 2010 at http://workshop2010.ieee-pt.org/


RoboParty 2009

The University of Minho and "SAR - Soluções de Automação e Robótica" will be organizing the 4th edition of RoboParty. As happened on the previous editions, the events main goal is to teach young people to build a robot in a funny way. There will be sport activities occurring also during the event. There are some news in this years edition.

Check more at http://www.roboparty.org/


"Robótica no Mapa"

Livro Branco sobre a Robótica em Portugal promovido pela Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica. Sumário executivo aqui.



  RoboParty , 14-16 March, Guimarães, University of Minho
   ROBÓTICA 2008 - 8th Portuguese Robotics Open, 2-6 April, Aveiro, University of Aveiro